Before you apply for a Service Dog read this!

A PLF-K9 is highly trained for each individual we work with. We like to say that the dog is as uniquely trained as each handler is unique.

Consider what you are wanting a Service Dog to do for you or a loved one. A PLF-K9 is trained to mitigate very specific tasks for the handler. It is not a dog that helps the family, or other people. It is trained at such a level that it is considered a medical device. Please read the descriptions of the types of dogs we train before putting in an application.

Having a Service Dog is a great commitment of time and energy. In order to bond, maintain the training level needed to carry our certification, the handler must be willing to dedicate the time to train according to our prescribed methods.

A Service Dog is not a cure, a fix-all, or a badge of honor to show off. They are a medical device, trained to help in various ways. Often times, we find that many people only require an Emotional Support Animal. We do not provide ESA’s. We provide properly trained Service Dogs that are with its handler 100% of the time.


PTSD — Psychiatric Service Dog

If you or a loved one is struggling with PTSD tied to your combat service, this is the dog for you. Military Sexual Trauma (MST) is in this category along with combat derived PTSD.

A PSD can assist with assimilation by:

  • Creating Physical Boundaries between you and others, so you can feel comfortable performing daily tasks, such as: shopping, going out to eat. [We do not block to become combative, but rather to allow people into our space at a measured pace.]

  • Interrupting the onset of anxiety so you can recover more quickly and participate in typical daily activities such as driving, being in a crowd. [A PSD does not simply make you feel better, that is a job for an ESA.]

  • Watching your back when you are faced away from others. Relieving you of the need to be hypervigilant. [Not to create fear, but to grow in the knowledge that you are able to let your guard down.]

  • Moving you away from a situation that makes you anxious. By understanding your Cortisol levels, the PSD can help in many situations.

  • Waking your from night-terrors. This is based on Cortisol and Adrenaline levels.

  • Speaking better to those around you. A PLF-K9 responds to soft cues, not demanding commands. They work for praise and reward. This actually helps with interpersonal communication.

TBI — Medical Response Service Dog

Traumatic Brain Injury sufferers understand the daily struggle of complex medical issues that seem to change on a whim. Everything from memory changes, loss of cognitive and motor skills, even stuttering. Our dogs are bred for temperament, character, workability and adaptability. New tasks are easily learned by your PLF-K9.

A TBI Medical Response Dog does everything a PSD will do, plus:

  • Reminds the handler to take medication.

  • Navigate with a cane and/or wheelchair.

  • Helps with cognitive response - through our unique dog training protocol.

  • Assists with holding things, picking things up.

  • Can notify the caregiver to an issue.

  • Stays with handler in the event of an emergency.


Autism - Service Dog

Description coming soon.

Epilepsy — Medical Response Service Dog

Description coming soon.