Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.


Ground Team

Are you looking for something to do to give back? Do you have a love for dogs and people? If you are willing to learn how we do things, and can work in a team environment, we are always looking for volunteers. We can always use dog walkers, dog training helpers, and puppy raisers.


Point of Contact (POC)

 Steve Kotowske


Jimmy Campiani
Kristy Campiani

Rob Fry
Carrie Fry

Callie Casey


Advisory Panel

Our advisory panel is made up of people from all walks of life. Success is made by having people you can rely on to give straight-forward, honest opinions. We have advisers from many fields of expertise, from financial strategists to training experts.


Dr. Kelly Brawner, Veterinarian
30-A Vet

Carl Griffin, Event Planning
Producer, Retired

Paul Roushia, Training Programs
US Navy, Retired - American K9 Interdiction

Tony Gravley, Canine Training / Nosework
Next Generation K9

Raul Hernandez, Canine Procurement
Canine Extreme

Lisa Frederickson, Programs
Kernersville VA Health Care Center / Chief Operating Officer


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is another diverse group of individuals that have been selected and appointed over time in order to enrich our mission.


Steve Kotowske, Executive Director
What’s Up Dog? - Armored K9, Owner

Wendy Kotowske, Treasurer - Director
Prime Lending, Branch Manager

Shannon McCleod, Secretary
Prime Lending, Loan Originator

Carrie Fry, Autism Specialist / Caregiver Support
Full-time Caregiver

CPO Julius “Jay” McManus, Military Liaison
US Navy, Retired