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STOP22 is more than a catchphrase - IT IS OUR MISSION !


22 Military active duty and Veterans commit suicide each and every day. Join our mission to STOP22. Our highly specialized dog training is proven to help the Veterans.

The staggering numbers concerning Veteran suicide effect the community, the family involved, along with the Veteran’s friends and teammates. This is 154 each week, and over 8,000 each year; every year. The number is 15% higher than the non-veteran community.

We do not provide a dog for emotional support. Instead we provide a dog with extensive training to be a medical device that can mitigate every day tasks for our nation’s Combat Veterans; tasks some cannot face on their own. Post Traumatic Stress is the leading cause of suicide rate, having a dog allows Post Traumatic Growth and healing.  The PLF K-9 is a gift of life and freedom.

PTS is experienced in many ways. The experience of friends dying, sexual assault, loss of motor function, loss of limbs, loss of cognitive function to name a few common types of PTS.

Traumatic Brain Injury is a common factor in many of the Veterans Pawsitive Love Foundation serves - our dogs are proven to help mitigate the effects of TBI.

The mission doesn’t end until all invisible wounds are healed. You can join our mission by giving. It costs roughly $10K to train each of these incredible Service Dogs. Let’s give freedom to those who fought so bravely for ours! Read about our Service Dog program for children with Autism and Epilepsy →

Retired US Navy Senior Chief Stan Travioli traveled the world serving our country during his 26 years as a Combat Cameraman, including 16 Combat Deployments and time spent in 119 countries.

“Trav” has multiple combat injuries including; TBI, hip damage, spinal injuries (5 fusions, 11 herniated disks), PTS, hearing loss and dozens of other issues.

Hauling his rucksack and camera on more than a thousand missions - running, jumping, rappelling and utilizing other skills; while keeping up with the warfighters took its toll. Mentally and physically he was drained.

Most days he would hide out in his house, struggle with personal relationships and avoid people. His body wracked with pain, a damaged brain, hyper-aware and depressed, he turned into a fuzzy, faded, shadow of the old Trav. Nobody liked shadow Trav, especially Trav.

Doctors, medicine and family could only take him so far. The road was at a dead end, but PLF created a new road for him.

Marshall, is more than a companion or emotional support dog. He helps him stand, climb stairs and other tasks Trav struggles with physically.

Today they are out experiencing the world together, learning to live in the sun where they can grow.


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PLF-K9 Marshall  is from our breeding program. He was raised to be a Service Dog. He was trained specifically for Trav.

PLF-K9 Marshall is from our breeding program. He was raised to be a Service Dog. He was trained specifically for Trav.