Our Vision

To help people find freedom.


Did you know that 1 in 4 military Veterans will face combat? Some that fought for the freedom of others, lost their own in the process. Some were left with amputated appendages, scar tissue. Others were left without wounds that most people cannot see; we call these the invisible wounds.

We train highly specialized dogs to assist with these invisible wounds, as well as those you can see. The process of ‘getting better’ is measured by Post Traumatic Growth, better cognitive response. Some were wounded by their own through Military Sexual Trauma.

Healing from this is a process of learning to trust and to build new relationships. Hyper-vigilance can fade, fear of the unknown can subside, once strong relationships can begin to repair. Hope can be restored.

The same concept of specialized training of dogs goes into our program for children. It is difficult for a family to deal with the every day issues of a child that is at risk for seizures. Parents lose sleep, finances are stretched beyond any imagined limits, and relationships can become tattered in the process.

A child with autism is a full-time job in itself, depending on where they fall on the spectrum. This can really put a strain on the family both mentally and physically. The child that has tantrums or runs just piles on the stress.

Our highly trained Service Dogs, in concert with a comprehensive plan of care can break the chains and provide freedom; we have seen it happen time and time again. Freedom, this is our vision.

Steve Kotowske
Executive Director

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Our standards: Our training standards exceed the ADA requirements for Service Dogs.  Training standards must be met by dog and handler each year in order to ensure they continue to meet our high standards.

Our passion: It is our passion to see people live free.  Free from the stress and worry about what is ahead or behind; free from the cares of the world that have bound them up on the inside and the outside; free from the concerns of how simple tasks might pose a complex problem.  Our passion is to help those who fought for our freedom, and for those who had no say in losing their own.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide properly trained Service Dogs and handler training that will bring a measure of freedom through healing, helping, and support to Veterans and Children.



a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.
— Give someone the opportunity to have freedom and hope.