Traveling with your Service Dog

Airline Policies for Flying with a Service Dog

Each airline has their own set of rules and policies for flying with a service dog. Most airlines require that your service animal sit on your lap or on the floor and not block the aisleway. Service animals cannot sit in emergency exit rows and must remain under the control of their handler at all times. When flying with a service animal, you are not required to pay additional pet travel fees.

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Flying with a trained service dog on Alaska Airlines does not require any additional documentation. Alaska Airlines employees can ask you if your dog is a service dog and ask the type of service your service dog provides. They advise that you check in with the customer support team at the airport to let them know that you are traveling with a service animal.

Alaska Airlines recognizes the following animals as service animals: cats, dogs, miniature horses. Service dogs in training are not covered by the ACAA and are accepted at the discretion of the airline.

Click here for Hawaii and International Travel requirements.


American airlines

Flying with your service dog on American Airlines requires paperwork if the flight is 8 hours or longer or if your service dog is a psychiatric service animal.

American Airlines Forms for Psychiatric Service Animals – 2 forms are required – completed by a licensed mental health professional and a behavior guideline form that the passenger completes. If your flight is longer than 8 hours, you must complete the Animal Sanitation form stating that you will be responsible for the animal relieving itself during flight.

American Airlines Forms for 8+ Hour Flight – For service dogs on an 8+ hour flight.



Flying with your service dog on Delta Airlines requires additional paperwork if your service dog is a psychiatric service animal. If you are flying with a trained service animal, you must have your animal’s Veterinary Health Form or Immunization record on hand.

Delta Airlines Psychiatric Service Animal Forms – 3 forms are required – completed by your veterinarian, mental health professional, and the passenger. You must submit these forms 48 hours in advance of your flight to the Delta My Flights page.